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Eldi Mats 20mm

Rubber tiles for playground flooring HIC (CFH) 0,8 Meters tested EN1177 THICKNESS 20mm -  25 ⁄ 32  inch...
€ 10.25


Orti Mats 20mm

Rubber tiles for playground flooring HIC (CFH) 0,8 Meters tested EN1177 THICKNESS 20mm -  25 ⁄ 32  inch
€ 7.15


Adam Turf 27mm

THICKNESS 27mm  ROLL LENGTH 4 mt               
€ 21.75


Insitu Playground Flooring

HIC (CFH) 0,7 Meters tested EN1177 THICKNESS 13 mm - 0.51  inch               
€ 0.00

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Basic System

BASIC Tennis Courts Flooring system Prices are base prices to have an exact  offer please contact us by email
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Playground Flooring Solutions

Floor4play offers playground rubber mats and playground floor systems, playground tiles and artificial grass for playground flooring. Playground rubber flooring design applications are also available with in-situ rubber playgrounds.

Solutions for Safety Floors

Floor4play offers 3 types of playground floor solutions

Rubber mats for playgrounds; rubber tiles are easy to install with pin connection system, you can apply by yourself to your garden and terrace also.

Artificial grass for playgroundsArtificial grass installation has to be done by a fitter and you have to care about leveling and water drainage.

Insitu rubber flooring for playgrounds; Insitu rubber flooring systems has to applied by professionals. The application has to be done in a minimum 10 degrees centigrade. Insitu playground can be applied on the concrete floor and asphalt.

Playground Floor Design

Insitu playground flooring has color and design alternatives, any color from the EPDM color chart can be applied on any design you want even custom logo designs can be applied. Some basic designs can be applied on playground rubber mats like number and figures and a whole design can be created.

Solutions for Sports Flooring

Floor4play offers  types of Rubber Sports Floors Solutions

Athletic Tartan Flooring; Floor4play offers 4 types of athletic tartan flooring all systems are the combination of Rubber and Elastic Polyurethane. All our systems are tested IAAF norms. Full-service offer from site construction until sport line marking with qualified staff and all European raw materials.

Tennis Courts Flooring; Floor4play offers four systems for tennis courts floors. All the systems are a combination of Rubber, Elastic Polyurethane, and Acrylic coatings. Floor4play tennis courts systems have ITF certification.

Artificial Grass Multi-sports Flooring; We offer artificial grass for multi-sports, tennis courts and for the indoor gym. Artificial grass for sports fields and professional installation service.

Rubber Tiles For Multi-sports; Rubber mats for outdoor multi-sports floorings like basketball and volleyball.